Is BODYWORK something for you?

Below you can find some reasons why my clients choose Bodywork:

– “I’m feeling tension in my body/ stress and I would like to let it go”
– “My head is so busy all the time”
– “I want to improve my body & mind balance”
– “I’ve been alone quite some time and I miss touch”
– “I always know exactly what others need and I find it challenging to put my own needs first”
– “I want to be less in my head and more in my body”
– “I want to learn to connect to my breath”
– “Getting out of the busy work mode, soften, relax and feel that I matter”
– “I’m experiencing constant physical pain and would love to relax my muscles”
– “I would like to (re)connect to my feelings”

Can you answer one or more of these questions with a YES? Then a BODYWORK session can definately be something for you!

– Is your body tensed up? You feel tension in your body?
– Are you longing for deep relaxation and rest?
– Would you like to let it all go?
– Want to be less in your mind/thoughts and more in your body?
– Do you feel like your life just goed by automatically and you’re on autopilot?
– Is it difficult for you to set boundaries?
– Are you experiencing stress? Or burnout?
– Are you feeling tired/exhausted?
– Are you longing for deep relaxation and deeper breathing?
– Are you curious what your body can tell you?
– Are you constantly worried or in a negative thought spiral?
– Do you feel numb or empty on the inside?
– Do you desire a place where all of you is welcome, where you may receive and let go?
– Are you experiencing anxiety/fears?
– Do you have the feeling that you’re stuck in life?
– Did you experience trauma in life and feel like you haven’t processed this yet?

Or, do you feel curious? Are you interested in what a Bodywork session can do for you?

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