For who? When is Touch & Awareness beneficial?

– Are you experiencing stress?
– Would you like to get out of your mind and more into your body?
– Are longing for more and deeper relaxation?
– Do you feel tired and exhausted?
– Do you want to breathe deeper and relax the body?
– Are you curious to find out what your body can tell you?
– Do you feel stuck in life?
– Are you suffering from negative thoughts?
– Do you feel numbness in your body and/or in your mind?
– Are you longing for a safe and complete confidential setting?
– Would you like to share something, in full confidentiality, without being judged?
– Are you struggling with anxiety?
– Did you experience trauma in your life without fully processing this?

Or, do you feel curious and interested in what a Bodywork Touch & Awareness session can do for you?

Please feel free to contact me and schedule your first appointment!

– Minimum age 18 years
– Men & Women
– If you are taking medication I need to be informed about the medicine in advance. Touch & Awareness sessions cannot be provided with specific medication. Together we will discuss if a Touch & Awareness session is possible for you.

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