Start of the session
We start the session with a short chat upfront. During the first appointment, which includes the intake, we take some extra time upfront to talk things through.
First we take time to meet, to land in the room and talk about what is alive in you at that specific moment. Together we find out if there is a specific reason or intention for you this session.
After this you lay down on the massage table with a blanket covering your body (clothes off, except your underwear).

Expect deep relaxation, softness, deep breaths, slowing down, rest and safety. Connecting to your inner world.

During the session, you are invited to express anything like sensations, feelings, emotions, sounds and thoughts.
It can be quite challenging sometimes to express yourself. That’s completely normal. I will support you in an open, loving and intuitive way. I will guide you to get more in touch with your body, your breath, your feelings and your inner reality.

End of the session
In the last part and ending of your session we will go back to the chair. We finish with a short conversation about your session. We don’t talk too much, this is to support you to stay connected with your own inner process and your feelings.

After the session I recommend you to have some time for yourself to feel into what your own needs are.

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Bodywork is “processwork”.

This means that during the sessions, but also in the days after, your body & mind will be processing your experience. This is part of your process.
After multiple sessions, you keep reaching deeper layers and gain new insights. The hormone oxytocine also releases earlier and faster in your body after multiple sessions.