Welcome on my page!
My name is Sas, I’m a professional Bodyworker, SpaceHolding Teacher, entrepreneur, mother of three boys, born and raised (and still working) in The Hague!
For 2,5 years I’ve studied to become a professional Bodyworker. Since 2020 I’m working with clients.


  • Foundation Training Touch & Awareness

    Grounding Tools
    Listening Touch
    Breath as guidance
    Liquid movement
    Emotional Anatomy

  • Intermediate advanced

    Emotional Bodyreading
    Trauma training
    Mirroring communication

  • Intimacy Bodywork Training advanced

    Fascia release
    Sexual energy release
    Body contact & Bodyplay

I’ve learned so much about the connection between the body & mind, trauma related to the body relaxation, breath, the power of touch and words and Holding Space for others. All the mentioned trainings have deeply impacted my personel life and development.

I love offering Bodywork sessions to clients, every session confirms to me that I’m on the right path in life. I feel grateful that I can help, support and be with people during their process of relaxing, letting go, creating deeper awareness and connecting with their inner world.

Contact me if you have questions or if you would like to book a session!