Bodywork, what can it bring you?

  • Learn how to connect deeper to your body
  • Supports you in releasing tension in the body by deep relaxation
  • Increased awareness for the language and signals of your body
  • More calmness in your mind
  • Reduced muscle tension and experiencing deeper relaxation
  • Improves your circulation
  • More acceptance of your feelings, thoughts and emotions
  • Recognize your own needs, desires and feelings
  • Space for reflection, new insights and deeper awareness
  • Practical tools to relax deeper and how to connect with your body
  • By touch your body will always create the “happy-hormone” oxytocine

Would you like to relax, let go, receive touch and soften your body?
Are you longing for deep rest, feel better in your body and listen to your inner world?

Do you want to get more in touch with your own body, your own feelings and your inner truth?


A Bodywork session can bring you deep relaxation, release (muscle)tension, optimize the circulation, create more aliveness and gain new insights. The sessions support you back into the connection with your body, emotions and your inner truth. 

During the session I will guide you through your individual process and support you in a safe, exploring and open environment.

Through the accepting and listening touch, and the (re-)connection to your body, you will have the time to feel, and sense, your muscle tension(s). The touch can be a subtle reminder for you on how to relax your body.
This gives you more possibility and space for your breath, and can help increase the circulation in the body.

In a safe, curious, intuitive and explorative way I am holding space for anything that is present and alive in your body at that moment.

Bodywork is “processwork”.
This means that during the sessions, but also in the days or weeks after, your body & mind are processing your experience. This is part of your process.
After multiple sessions, you can often reach deeper layers and/or gain new insights. The hormone oxytocine also releases earlier and faster in your body after multiple sessions.

I work with a minimum of 7 days in between the sessions. The days in between are important for your process, the integration and processing of the session.

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