Online Coaching, using your body as a compass.
What is alive in you right now? What are you feeling in this moment.

The appointment will be scheduled via Zoom.
Choose a room or place in your house where you can sit calmly.
All you need for the session is a chair and a mat/ or thin mattress.
A pillow might add additional comfort.

During the sessions I will use several tools, exercises that will allow us to use your body as a portal into your body, breathwork exercises and movement.

I invite you to express yourself during the sessions, like sensations in the body, emotions, thoughts or feelings.

Sometimes it can be challenging to share or communicate our emotions or feelings into spoken words.
Sometimes we don’t know what it is exactly what we’re feeling.
This is normal.
I will be here as your guide, to help and support you in this process in a loving, open and intuitive way.

By bringing awareness into our feelings and emotions you create a start for yourself and begin with seeing, feeling, acknowledging and accepting all what is alive in you.
This will help the body to relax deeper. When subconscious tension is released the circulation can improve, you will feel lighter and experience more space in your body & mind.

Would you like to schedule an appointment or are you curious / do you have questions?
Feel free to contact me.